The Story of The Famous Cat Monty


This is the story of the down syndrome cat Monty, who made him famous on social media, born with a unique face because of the abnormality in his chromosomes. This kitty lives happily in Denmark with her owners Michael Bjorn and Mikala Klein and two other cats. In this article, we will consider some details about his life.

How did Monty meet Michael and Mikala?

Michael and Mikala love cats. Although they already had two cats at home, they decided to get one more. They searched the websites of various shelters and sought that kitty they would give a new home.

Soon, they encounter a photo of this three-year-old cat, who they think is very sweet but has sad eyes. And they decide on it.

It didn’t take long for them to bond with the animal. It was as if they had chosen each other. Later, they decided to call it Monty because the cat reminded them of the song ” Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” by the English band Monty Python, the soundtrack of Brian’s Life.

Meet the cat Monty, born with an abnormal chromosome. Its original appearance impresses internet users and anyone who knows it personally. In fact, we can call it an approved internet phenomenon. He has more than 183,000 followers on Facebook and 65,000 on Instagram.

Down syndrome cat Monty

Monty lacks a bone in her nose because she has congenital abnormal chromosomes, which gives her the unique facial contours that Internet users fall in love with. Our cat also suffers from breathing problems that cause it to sneeze more than usual.

Also, when this kitty sleeps very deeply, it sometimes leaks urine. First, the owners thought it was about marking the region. Regretfully, they decided to give it to another family that had no cats.

However, they could not give it up. They later discovered that this incontinence problem developed due to the chromosome abnormality that some people compared to Down’s syndrome in humans.

Apart from that, Monty is a cat with a huge personality, leading a normal and happy life. He is social, soft, and playful. Moreover, he is a celebrity! Her minor flaw seems to not bother her at all.

Became the famous cat of the Internet

This couple posted a unique picture of Monty to raise awareness that physical features are not important and at the end of the day, we all have some abnormalities, only some of them are more prominent.

This cat has created a complete sensation on the Internet. At the time of writing this article, he had more than 183,000 followers on Facebook and 65,000 on Instagram.

It also has its own brand of clothing, jewelry, handbags, and other accessories. Those obtained from the sale of these products are donated to the shelter where Monty lives. Monty fell in love with both internet users and those who know him personally.

Taking a good look at life

Although Down syndrome is a human disease only, there are different types of syndromes, abnormalities, and chromosomic diseases that animals also have.

Since the genetic sequences of animals are similar to those of humans, they can sometimes get trisomy (extra chromosome), which causes cognitive and psychological difficulties or causes anatomical changes that express the characteristic condition.

Regardless of how different a person, a cat, or a dog looks, the important thing is to take a good look at life. Monty with Down syndrome is a good example of this.

Cat monty

Cat monty

Cat monty

Cat monty