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The largest eagle bird, the eagle usually lives in mountainous and forest areas. It is a carnivorous bird. It is a long and curved beak wide-winged animal.

It is the most flying bird species in the world. The eagles, whose visibility is well developed, nest in the very high hills, at the top of the rocks and lay eggs there. There is family life. They live with their partner for the rest of their lives and use the same home. The incubation period of eggs lasts 7-8 weeks. Most egg-laying 4-5 eagleThey rotate every three hours so that no eggs stick, and as parents, they wait for the nest in turn. At the end of this period, the biggest of the offspring hatch eat their other siblings. Mother and father remain, spectators, do not interfere. This is a return to the wild creation of the eagles. An eagle who has reached the age of 4 to 5 is considered an adult. After this age, adult hairs are removed, the wing length approaches 2 meters. Approximately twenty species of eagles live in the world. 

The most known of these are; Rock Eagle, Rabbit Snake, Eagle, Black Eagle, Steppe Eagle. The most common in our country is the snake card. The eagle, a very smart animal, begins to spy around in a high place. Since he has a visual skill like radar, he can see the snake and take off even if it is far away. Approximately 350 Km per hour. quickly approaches his prey. He catches the snake in such a way that he cannot bite himself, and he levitates very high. He leaves the snake in a way to reach the rocks or asphalt roads. The snake hitting the rocks will die and the eagle will come back and take its prey and take it to its offspring. This is the way to hunt. In this way, rabbits, mice, snakes, fish, monkeys, etc. they can hunt as many animals. 

So much so that in rural living areas, it is said that he steals even babies who are laid under the tree while playing vineyard and garden work. They are strong enough to lift a sheep. Her legs are slippery and hairless, and she has a special skin to prevent her from being harmed by the live prey while catching her prey. Although very hairy, the total hair weight does not exceed half a kilo. The animal, which lives for an average of 70 to 100 years, does not like to live in captivity due to its creation.

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