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Dove is the common name of the Columbidae (pigeons) family, which is generally smaller and pale in color than pigeons. Pigeon and dove names are not used in conjunction with taxonomic distinctions. It is a small, gray, gray-colored bird (Streptopelia) from the pigeon’s team of animal science.

What is Dove?

  1. Why can you make marriages like the “doves” like?
  2. Because dove never changes a wife
  3. Because dove always complies with the conditions it is in and does not complain.
  4. Because dove never enters another bird’s nest.

Family Residence

  • Kumrugiller (Peristeridae). In gardens, forests, near houses. Its features are a smaller songbird than a pigeon. Spouses are very fond of each other. It feeds on grain. The varieties are small dove, smiling dove, forest dove, the most known. A beautiful songbird like a pigeon that lives in pairs in parks, gardens, and small woods, from the Kumrugiller family of the Pigeons (Columbae) subset. It is generally brown-haired. Although they are similar in shape to the dove, they are smaller and elegantly constructed.

Dove Nest

  • He is famous for his loyalty to his wives. If one partner dies, the remaining spouse does not match another for a lifetime. It is better not to eat flesh. For a bite of meat, it causes his wife to be unhappy for life. They make simple nests from twigs. They lay two eggs a year. The offspring fly 18 days after hatching. There are immigrant and permanent ones. 

Dove Types

  • (Streptopelia senegalensis) 26 cm tall. They mostly live in the Thrace region and around Istanbul. They don’t run away from people. It is one of the native and traveling birds. Turkish kuru (S. decoct a) or “laughing dove”. It is bluish in color and its head and neck are in cinnamon color. It is 28 cm tall. It is abundant in Anatolia and Thrace regions. It is found in parks, town and village gardens. In some places, it is called Yusufçuk. It is protected because it is loved by the public. Forest dove (S turtur) is abundant in Southern Europe and spends the winter in Africa. Domestic dove (S. risoria) is white in color. It is often known as the pigeon.
  • Doves constantly mate for a year. According to ornithologist Ali Boyle, the reason for this is that the life of the doves is an average year. Since they make only two puppies at a time, their continuation depends on their constant mating.
  • The doves begin with the song of love-cuckoo. The male follows the female and the mating begins. After today, they never leave each other. They feed their offspring, a product of their love, with an outbreak called pigeon milk. Doves give this fluid by transferring it from the beak to the beak. This is one reason why they are referred to as “love birds.”

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