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Dalmatian Dog


  Dalmatian dogs are a medium-sized dog with high durability, with dignity. We can say that Dalmatians are the symbol of elegance with their clean and simple lines. Its short, hard and dense fur is decorated with randomly scattered speckles of black or brown. Spots do not merge and form spots, they should be distinct and distinct from each other. The feet are round with curved fingers. Her nails are either white or the same color as body spots. Its nose may be black or brown depending on the color of the spots. His eyes are round. It is also black or brown and has clever look expressions. The ears are soft, tapered towards the tip, and slightly curved upwards. The more distinct and well-speckled their spots, the more pleasant they will look. Dalmatian puppies are born completely white and their spots appear later.

The temperament of Dalmatian Dogs

  Dalmatian dogs are playful and cheerful dogs. Dog toys They love to play with. They are extremely sensitive and loyal. They need to be with humans with Dalmatian dogs. Otherwise, they may become depressed. They cannot be a good garden dog. Their memory is perfect and they don’t forget bad behavior for years. The Dalmatian dog breed is very energetic and kids love to play. But for very young children, they can be a bit too mobile. They also don’t like to be angry. Male dalmatian dogs generally do not like other male dogs. When they’re not socialized enough, they can be a little nervous and shy. Dalmatian dogs are not only clever creatures but are also stubborn. They need strict and disciplined education. However, hard training methods should not be preferred while providing the necessary training. Dalmatian dogs can be trained to a high degree of obedience. They can even receive protection and watchdog training. There are burden rates of up to 15 puppies at one birth. Dalmatian dogs are not dogs suitable for feeding in the apartment. But if you can create the opportunity to run several times a day and your apartment is large, you can also look at the apartment. They are very active in the house, and in the garden, the house needs an area surrounded by small to medium-sized fences. In the garden, surely for normal times, They are very active in the house, and in the garden, the house needs an area surrounded by small to medium-sized fences. In the garden, surely for normal times, They are very active in the house, and in the garden, the house needs an area surrounded by small to medium sized fences. In the garden, surely for normal times a kennel and should not be left or shed in cold weather.

About the Health of Dalmatian Dogs

  Deafness rates of Dalmatian dogs are quite high. 10-12% of the species is born deaf. Therefore, when your dog is 6 weeks old, it should be taken to the test called Bear and see if there is deafness. It is recommended to sterilize dalmatian dogs who are deaf from birth. In this way, you contribute to lowering the rate of deaf born offspring of the species. Uric levels of dalmatian dogs are higher than other dog species. This increases the chance of stones forming in the urinary tract. Also, this species has an allergic skin, and synthetic fabrics, carpets are harmful to them.

Care of Dalmatian Dogs

  Dalmatian dogs shed twice a year intensely. Daily combing with the dog comb facilitates this care. It is also known that the dog does not have a specific smell, and even they are clean to the degree of care. It should be washed with dog shampoo only when needed.

History of Dalmatian Dogs

  Dalmatian dogs were bred as hunting dogs in the Middle Ages. In the 1800s, it became a popular carriage dog. When British nobles wanted to show power, Dalmatian dogs would accompany the cart during the ride. Also, when they traveled, their owners would protect the cars when they were busy with another job. It is also known that Dalmatian dogs, which have a versatile side, are used in many areas such as firefighters’ mascot, military guard, circus show dog, rodent hunter, hunting dog, sheepdog, and guard dog. Nowadays, this beautiful breed is mainly used as a home dog.

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