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Crane; It is one of the bird species that live on the coastal edge such as marsh, lake, ovoid, and sea. In view, they are reminiscent of the stork, thanks to their long legs and neck, they are in the class of migratory birds. One of the differences between stork and crane is their beaks. The pecks are smaller and the storks are slightly larger.

They feed on food such as seeds, mice, and insects. They can live for about 25-30 years. There are 16 types and the most well-known can be listed as follows;

  • Crowned Crane
  • Crane
  • Demoiselle
  • Blue Crane
  • Siberian white pike
  • Manchurian and Japanese Tournament
  • Paradise tour
  • Like an Austrian tour

Another interesting feature of pike is that there are also various interesting movements to influence each other when they are mating. They lay two eggs. Spouses help each other by incubation, respectively, of incubation times. They often fly in flocks. In general, they emit a “V” shape when migrating. This image they reflect was also included in the collections of many painters.

In some media of Anatolia, there is a very common belief for cranes. It is seen as the symbol of purity, fertility, happiness, prosperity, purity, loyalty, loyalty, purity, patience, freedom, and honor. For this reason, people generally do not get involved in crane birds and do not touch their nests. Also, cranes’ blood is not shed and it is not accepted as a meal. It is believed that the people who go for pike in Anatolia are not in trouble and that disasters will not go after hunters. If anyone puts in the field or the garden of his house, there is no abundance and famine in that house.

Crane s, figuring that aesthetic appearance and take first place among the birds, which are the crown of the head with. With these features, they appear frequently in the totems of the American natives, in almost every continent of the Russian songs, in the local dance culture, and Greek myths.

Ayriten Cranes also have an important place in Bektashism and Alevism culture. In Alevism, pigeons and cranes are believed to be sacred. These birds have an important place among the figures they perform in special folklore dances, which are the symbols of Alevis. Especially Hz. It is believed to represent Ali and it is preferred that the cranes are not a normal bird.

Cranes in Chinese culture; According to a stated story, a charming lady comes to the house of the young man who is good at a wounded turn. With this man, women continue their lives in happiness and abundance. To strengthen the financial situation of the man, the woman handles arts from her handicrafts. While this is the case, the man adds strength and gets rich.

As the woman works hard, she starts to weaken and fall out of time. The man who watches the woman from afar remembers witnessing that he is a crane and that he takes the fabulous feathers from his wings that he used to craft. When she realizes that the man is watching her, she becomes a crane and glides through the sky. For this reason, for the Chinese, the Crane bird symbolizes loyalty and goodness.

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