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How To Comb The Cat?


Cats are extremely clean animals; however, a little help in cleaning her hair will be useful for even the most fastidious cat. Especially if they have long hairs. Combing your cat’s hair is also a great way to create a bond between you.

Combing your feathers is a great way to bond with your cat, and it also provides an opportunity to control any unsuitable condition, such as an increase in fleas.

How often?

If your cat has long hair, you should comb its hair every day or at least several times a week. Short-haired cats should be combed only once a week.

What do you need

There are specially designed combing tools for long-haired cats, but at least you will need a good brush and comb. If your cat is short-haired, all you need is a plastic “comb” brush.


If your cat’s hair is very tangled, just brush it well. This brushing should not take longer than 5 to 15 minutes. Most cats like brushing; but if he does not seem willing, let him go and try again later.

Sometimes the fur of long-haired cats becomes dull. If you notice tangled tufts in your cat’s hair, you will need to take some time for a more careful, patient brushing. Holding the feathers right under the knot while brushing will prevent the hair from pulling. If your cat really has uncontrollable hair, you may want to consider getting a professional combing service.

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