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Colorpoint Shorthair


  The Colorpoint Shorthair cat breed is a close relative of the Siamese cat and is similar to the Siamese cat, both in appearance and character.

  Cats have been in people’s lives for thousands of years, and it is almost impossible to imagine a world without them. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the link between them was established in a short time, even though the first purpose of bringing cats into their lives is to bark the mice. Colorpoint Shorthair is a cat breed that is well known in the world and has strong connections with humans. So where does this breed originate?

Colorpoint Shorthair Cat’s Origin

  The colorpoint short breed, which is often confused with the Siamese cat, thinks that many people are the crossbreed of Siamese cats. Cat breeders started a study in the 1940s to develop a race that has the characteristics of the Siamese cat but different colors than the Siamese. In addition to the Siamese cat, they even evaluated breeds such as the Abyssinian cat and the American shorthair, and as a result of prolonged efforts, they created a new cat breed. The name of this breed is the colorpoint shorthair cat breed. The genes other than the Siamese cat gradually decrease as the Colorpoint cat breed passes through the generations. That’s why most cat associations go through the Siamese cat when defining this breed. However, some associations also recognize the colorpoint shorthair cat breed.

Physical Properties of Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Breed

  This cat breed really resembles a Siamese cat at first glance. This breed, which has a medium-size body, is a race suitable for mixing. Their body structures are thin, their hind legs are longer than their legs. These features give them an elegant look. The eyes of the Colorpoint shorthair breed are blue. Its feathers are short, rather soft and shiny. The difference between Siamese cats and cats is the color of their feathers. 16 different colors can be seen in Colorpoint shorthair. The most common of these existing colors are chocolate, lilac, cream, and blue. Tabby and dot patterns can be seen in this race, and their tails are long.

Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Type Character Properties

  Character structures are almost the same as siamese cats. If you have had a Siamese cat before, you will notice how similar it is with this breed. Colorpoint shorthair is very talkative. They communicate with people by meowing. They are also loyal to their owners and other people and are fond of attention. When they are not interested, they attract attention by meowing in a high tone. Colorpoint shorthair, which does not get along well with other cats, is an ideal breed to become a home cat. Their relationship with children is at a medium level. Their energy is endless. Jumping, jumping, running is part of them. It is very successful in hunting with its athletic bodies. If there is a pest in your house, it will catch it soon. They are social against humans and dogs, although they do not get along well with other cats.

Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Care

  We would like to point out in particular that these cats need sufficient activity both mentally and physically. This responsibility belongs to you, the owners. You can also turn colorpoint shorthair cat care into a game if you wish. Playing with your cat is essential to maintain its physical and mental health. Colorpoint shorthair cats are susceptible to dental and gum problems. Therefore, it should be fed with high-quality cat food. Oral and dental health should be checked regularly by the veterinarian. When combing its feathers, it should be combed by paying attention to its ears.

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