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Chinchilla Cat Type


  Iranian cat takes its place among the most fed cat breeds in our country as in the whole world. The Chinchilla cat is actually a type of Iranian cat. The name of the chinchilla cat comes from a rodent of the same name. The reason for this name is because the color and softness of its feathers are similar to this rodent animal. Chinchilla is considered a separate breed by some cat breeds, while others are not considered a separate genie. These beautiful cats, defined as a human-oriented breed, are wonderful friends, literally.

Chinchilla Cat Breed Line

  Chinchilla cat is one of the oldest cat breeds developed by humans. The adventure of this breed started in 1882 with a cat named Ginnie. Born as a result of the mating of a blue-colored Iranian cat and an unknown cat, Chinnie was paired with a silver tabby, and one of her offspring gave birth to the first chinchilla male cat, namely Chinnie’s granddaughter. Thus, the Chinchilla cat breed, which will become very popular in the future, has emerged.

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Chinchilla Cat Breed Color

  One of the most interesting features about this cat breed is that their kittens are born with very dark, even black feathers, and the color of their feathers grows as they grow day by day. While the chinchilla kittens grow color as they grow, their hair becomes white when they reach certain adulthood. There are shimmering shades of silver or gold on their white fur. The biggest feature of Chinchilla cats is their unique beauty.

Chinchilla Cats Eyes

  Although this cat breed is seen as a variation of the Iranian cat, its noses are not as flattened as the Iranian cat. His eyes are also quite large. Eye colors are blue-green or emerald green and should always wear black. It is no exaggeration to say that Chinchilla cats are fascinating for their eyes because their eyes are truly incredible.

How Long Do Chinchilla Cats Live?

  The average life span of chinchilla cats, a medium-sized breed, is between 12 and 15 years. It can be said that it is a healthy breed in general. However, just like the Iranian cat, this breed has a predisposition to hereditary polycystic kidney disease. There is also the possibility of seeing problems such as clogging and hair lumps in the eye canals. Cardiomyopathy, one of the most common heart diseases in cats, is one of the diseases that can affect this race.

  The character of the chinchilla cat is very similar to the character of the Iranian cat, as you can imagine. These cats are very calm and gentle. They are human-oriented and therefore loyal. Chinchilla cats, who love to draw attention, get on well with other cats. However, the calm nature of this breed is also because it likes calm environments. Therefore, they can’t live very happily in very crowded and noisy houses. These beautiful cats are very clever. Although they are not very active like Iranian cats, they also like to play and hunt. Of course, these are general information about the chinchilla cat character, each cat’s character is different, and a chinchilla cat may also have a character that is much different than these general features.

Chinchilla Cat Care

  Of course, every cat should be treated with care, but chinchilla cat care may require a little more care. If the long hair is not combed for at least 5 minutes every day, as a result of excessive swallowing, lumps of hair may form in the intestines. For this reason, combing chinchilla cat is very important not only for hair care but also for health. In addition to combing your cat, giving cat malt paste is an effective measure to prevent the risk of fluff. If there is a discharge in your eyes, it must be wiped.

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