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  Chihuahua is one of the mini breed dog breeds. In our country, the number of people who feed chihuahua is increasing day by day. If you have not seen the spelling of this mini breed dog before, it may be because you do not know how to read it. There is a lot to learn from these dogs, which are spoken in Turkish, both physically and spiritually. Let’s take a look at these.

The Origin of the Chihuahua

  All signs indicate Mexico, although the whereabouts of the Sivas are not yet fully known. According to rumors, it is estimated that Techichi, the dog race that was bred hundreds of years ago by the Indians in Mexico, are ancestors. There is even a state called Chihuahua and a city in Mexico.

Character Properties of Chihuahuas

  The best-known features of these tiny breed dogs are their sizes. Chihuahuas are small dogs and have a muscular build. Also, the legs of the bivalves are as thin as they are strong. Although their head structures are round, they can sometimes look large compared to their bodies.

Physical Properties and Life Time of Chihuahua Dogs

  These dogs are available in almost all colors. For example, white, dark brown, golden color…

  Şivava dogs have two types, not only long but also short-haired. Their weight can vary from 500 grams to 3 kg.

  The life span of healthy chihuahua dogs is on average 16 years.

Personalities of Chihuahua Dogs

  Some people think that dogs are angry dogs. But this thought is very far from reality. A well-trained and properly bred Chihuahua dog can be a social and loving dog.

  The personalities of the dogs of Şivava vary according to the people they live with, namely the family and the environment. Chihuahuas are loving animals but are renowned for their stubborn structure and lack of profits for what they do. Also, their observation abilities have been improved. If there is anything they do not like, they will immediately move away from the environment. Another feature that we can talk about lastly and most importantly about the personality of Şivava dogs is that they love to be with another Şivava dog.

Chihuahua Care

  There is a lot of dirty information circulating as a rumor about chihuahua dog care. We recommend that you do not believe in any of these without doing research. Chihuahuas need neither more care nor more special care than an ordinary dog. They like running, playing, and walking outdoors like any other dog. Also, Şivava dogs are easily adapted to interior spaces. You just have to be careful not to spoil them too much. Otherwise, they may be a little spoiled and moaning.

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