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  • Between Children – 7/10
  • Intelligence – 6/10
  • Mobility – 6/10
  • Maintenance Need – 5/10
  • Acting – 6/10
  • Trainability – 6/10

Chantilly race, which has won the championship in many cat beauty contests, is a domestic cat with a lively and understanding character.


Chantilly cats, which became famous for the beauty championship it won for the first time in 1967, are also known by the name of Tiffany. The prevalence of this race, which was not known exactly when it emerged, was completely a coincidence. During the sale of a property, the person who sold his cats at home bought his house to a cat manufacturer by chance, the existence of the Chantilly breed was discovered.

Starting in a regular and controlled production program in 1969, this race started to attract attention in a short time with its beautiful appearance and different structure. The race, which spread all over the world, appeared in many beauty contests.

Weight – Dimensions

Chantilly cats weigh between 3.5 and 6 kilograms.


This breed can live on average from 10 to 15 years.


Chantilly / Tiffany cats have a fairly balanced character structure. This race, which has an active and calm structure, manages to play and sit calmly when necessary. Taking every step in a controlled manner allows it to be easily fed in the home.

Its calm structure also allows it to remain in a fixed position for a very long time. Due to this feature, it can be a very good companion for people with physical discomfort or the elderly. Because it is not affected by trips, it is preferred by people who move or travel frequently.

Tiffany cats really like the attention. Since they always want to stay in focus, you can see meow and similar movements. Remember that when you lessen your interest, there is a possibility of getting depressed and getting into a melancholy mood.


Thanks to the fact that its hair is neither too long nor short, it can be easily combed. You only need to scan once a week or less.

Thanks to its very small amount of hair loss, it can be easily fed by allergic people.

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