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Caucasian Shepherd Dog


  Kars shepherd dog, as the name suggests, is in the lives of people as shepherd dogs. Caucasian shepherd dog in general; Kars, Ardahan, Artvin, Erzurum, Ağrı, and Iğdır regions are grown. The purity of these dogs has been registered, and they are very popular with their adaptation to the conditions of the region.

Features of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Kar’s shepherd dogs are protective dogs that are suitable for living in mountainous areas and are resistant to cold climates.

These dogs are a very intelligent, ideal shepherd dog.

The heads of the Kars Shepherd Dog are quite large, large, and black. Their noses are of medium length.

Their mouths are big and their jaw structures are strong. The inside of your lips is black.

The foreheads of these dogs, whose ears are drooping, wide and deep, are straight. Tail parts are long-haired and curved.

The feathers of the Kars shepherd dog are mixed and fluffy.

These dogs, whose legs are also very strong, are big claws and strong.

Heads, ears, under the breast from the back to the back are generally black.

Their protective properties are enhanced and they are very aggressive against what they find enemies.

Caucasian shepherd dog can’t get along well with everyone. So not everyone can have a dog. They can find their personalities with a solid character who can spend time with him, a trainer and a leader.

Although they seem scary because of their structure, they are very respectful and well-behaved dogs.

These dogs are preferred because they are very dependent on their owners and their protective instincts are high.

Kar’s shepherd dogs are stubborn and difficult to train. So you have to be patient while teaching them.

It may take a long time for them to grow and reach the stage of maturity. Nevertheless, they are very resistant to climatic conditions even when they are young.

They are very alert and cautious. They immediately understand the slightest change and start barking.

Kars Shepherd Dogs are one of the longest living breeds and live on average 20 years.

By the age of 4, they become adults only.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Training

  The training of Caucasian shepherd dogs depends mostly on the bond with its owner. You must first convince yourself that he is his friend. You should always have a close relationship with your dog and avoid sounds and movements that correspond to the expressions of love or scolding. So all you have to do is love it and be friendly with it. In the period of juvenile, you should take it in your first month and love it. If you are late to show this love, after four months of age, the beloved puppy kars shepherd dog will be coward.

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  The next thing you need to do after starting to have a close relationship with your puppy dog ​​is to name it. Your dog’s name must have one or two syllables. Because they react to short names more easily. You should constantly address him by name. Your dog always wants to eat something. For this reason, if your dog eats in the food container at certain places and times, at certain rates, it has a positive effect on the training of the dog as well as its general health, digestion, and excretory order. Dog collar for your pet you should practice na when he is younger. Because it is quite difficult to wear a collar on a dog that has reached adulthood. For this reason, as soon as you are born, a light dog collar made of soft leather should be worn immediately. These dogs, who are assigned as watchdogs, should also have superior power physically. But not only physical strength but also courage, attention, and self-confidence must develop. Physical strength training of Kars shepherd dog is applied to various specially made obstacles. These obstacles consist of various stages that will increase their abilities such as height, length, balance, climbing, and sense of trust.

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