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Care And Nutrition

The stereotype that cats bite to attack is completely false. Some cats want to show their affection by biting, others just bite to play. It is normal to feel uncomfortable with these bites. However, it is up to you to reduce these bites. If you...
When it comes to poisons or toxins, the substances that cause death within a few minutes come to mind as soon as they are ingested. This is not always true, because any substance that has many negative effects on the body can be defined as...

Cats don't like dogs. Dogs are team members who want to make their 'leaders' (you) happy. Your kitten will show more interest in your own happiness! However, with some understanding and patience,.

Why Cats Sneeze It is normal for our cats to sneeze from time to time, which is a great source of joy in our homes, and you do not need.

There is nothing as relaxing as learning that your cat will recover after a veterinary visit; However, what is necessary for her recovery is to drink her medication, of course, like any cat owner, it is quite normal for you to worry. How will I include medicine? How...

Perhaps the biggest problem for people with cat friends at home is "How to wash a cat?" is the analysis of the question. Because cats are beings who never like to be.

having a quotation means signing a huge responsibility. Especially if you are going to own an animal for the first time, it means that there will be many questions that make.

Cats are extremely clean animals; however, a little help in cleaning her hair will be useful for even the most fastidious cat. Especially if they have long hairs. Combing your cat's hair is also a great way to create a bond between you. Combing your feathers is a...
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