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  Canary is a general term used for different breeds of Serinus Canaria. Since canaries are mostly fed with cereals, the canary feed also contains abundant grains.

Appearance of Canaries

  The canaries are small, long-bodied; they have bright and colorful feathers. His eyes are small and round. The canaries have a small cone-shaped beak.

  Canary breeding is also very popular in many parts of the world, including our country. It is one of the most grown and fed birds among domestic birds, although it is easy to maintain and where they need less.

Canary Care and Nutrition

  Although it is a species that lives alone, canaries want to mate towards the middle of the breeding seasons. They do not show interest in anything other than breeding times. Still, some birds are firmly attached to their partner. When in nature, canaries take advantage of daylight when they go home. For this reason, canaries fed at home should not be deprived of sunlight but also be exposed to direct sunlight.

Canary Voice

  Accommodation of birds is an important factor for keeping them healthy, but for a bird to sing, it is necessary to make them happy. Canary birds singing too, The best way to achieve this is related to good sheltering environments. In canary care, each winter should have its own canary cage. Otherwise, the results can be fatal. Because canaries are regionalist birds and do not like to live together in a cage.

How Many Years Canaries Live?

  The canaries can survive more than 14 years if they are well cared for. But the care of the canaries is not so easy. In addition to canary feed, it is necessary to offer other nutritious menus.

Other Information About Canary

  The canaries are one of the most curious species among birds, and creating a special cage environment for each canary and having hundreds of canaries is not an easy task. For this reason, canaries have breeding purposes. These; for canary sound, for colors, and views of canaries. The canaries bred for their voices are usually male because only male birds can sing. This is rarely seen in female canaries.

Canary Breeding and Hatching

  For the canaries to mate and hatch, they must first choose their suitable partner. Reproduction cycles of canaries are seasonal. They mate during periods of high sunlight and longer days.

  The best time to choose their mate is also the end of winter in canaries fed in the cage. In these exact periods, you can analyze the most appropriate time behaviors, weights, ages, and health.

  Female canaries reach sexual maturity at the age of 6 months, while male canaries reach sexual maturity at the age of 9 months. Although they are considered sexually productive when they reach this age, it is usually best to wait until the age of 1.

  For canaries to reproduce healthily, they must be healthy and well-fed. Especially when the spring, which is the breeding month, comes, their pleasure should be in place. Remember, in general, the canaries shed 3 months before their breeding time. So don’t worry.

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