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Burmese Cat Breed


  Burmese cats are extremely playful and smart cat breeds. In fact, if this cat breed is ranked among naughty cats, it will take the first place. Therefore, you should be prepared for a situation such as damaging the furniture in your home.

  The Burmese cat breed has the potential to bond very tightly with other animals and children. Because they are particularly intelligent, they can fully immerse themselves in games and activities. Especially if there are cat rewards at the end of the job, they will perform astonishingly on all cat playgrounds.

Characteristics of Burmese Cats

  Burmese cats are the kind of cats that can do wonders with the cat toy. They especially love cat training-intelligence games, and often this kind of cat game is played with cat rewards. You will enjoy playing with him while you train your cat. But during this time, you have to overlook your cat’s mischief. Among the purebred features of the Burmese cat breed, there are several unique sounds they make. These sounds they make with their mouths cannot be imitated by other cat breeds. With these sounds, you can easily understand the real breed. Pet owners with a Burmese cat are already familiar with what these sounds are.

Body Structure of Burmese Cats

  Burmese cats are among the medium-sized cats in class. On the contrary, Burmese cats may seem much smaller. Their heads are proportional to their bodies and they have a thin and delicate appearance. The eyes of Burmese cats are round and love-loving, their ears tend to stand out like a scoop. But these physical features make it even more adorable, followed by a hydrangea tail with a shiny plumage and taper to the tail tip. In purebred Burmese breeds, their plumage is extremely bright.

The Origin of Burmese Cats

  Burmese cats are among the cat breeds known from the Atlantic geography since the 1930s. The Burmese origin, a special program, has been brought to the present day in the cat breeding town of mutation. While the Burmese cat breed is predicted to be cats of many different breeds in the pedigree, the scientists conducting the research state that it is a very mixed family structure before starting the mutation program with the offspring. In general, the second name of the cat Burmese cats is known as Burma in Turkey. In Europe, you can see that they are known by different names such as Yangon cats, Rangoon cats, Burmese cats.

Hair Care for Burmese Cats

  The feather structure of Burmese cats is similar to its satin texture. They prefer to do their own hair care like many cat species. Today, it is extremely difficult to find another cat breed with fine hairs and shiny fur, like Burmese cats. However, to ensure that your cat’s hair is always in ideal shape, you can care for your cat’s hair with cat combs and brushes produced for cats.

Colors of Burmese Cats

  Burmese cats became clear as a result of various researches that different colors appeared. This cat breed is black and derives directly in this purebred breed with this color. However, it later became a race adorned with different colors and reached much wider color scales. Although there are no variegated colors among them, four different colors are registered.

Nutrition of Burmese Cats

  Burmese cats can be fed different feeding programs according to their health and age groups. We recommend that you contact your veterinarian to determine the appropriate nutrition program. Nevertheless, if we give general information, healthy Burmese cats do not have a problem in the consumption of any cat food. The correct thing is to set up a nutrition program with veterinary control based on gender, weight, health, and obvious criteria. Possible diseases can be eliminated with proper nutrition programs.

Burmese Cat Care and Health Conditions

  The most common disease in Burmese cats is eye diseases known as Burmese disease. Hereditary eye and vision disorders are known to occur very often. This is the detail that makes the owners think about the care of Burmese cats today. It may be necessary to go to veterinary control frequently.

  Although their lifespan may vary depending on living conditions, it is approximately 15 years. We can say that eye diseases are not a factor that directly affects this process. Nevertheless, all experts agree that an advanced vision loss will affect the quality of life. For this reason, we recommend that you regularly take your veterinarian for an examination when you are a baby.

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