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British Shorthair


Other Name: British Shorthaired

Life Time: They live between 14 and 20 years.

Weight: Male 6-10 kg, female 5-7 kg.

About British Shorthair

British Shorthair, originating from Great Britain, was semi-domesticated when it was taken to Rome by the Roman soldiers when Egypt has tortured about 1800 years ago. It was then taken to England by immigrants. That is why the cat that got this name was introduced to the world by Harrison Weir in the 19th century and became a very popular breed. 

Between 1914 and 1918, a version called British Longhair was produced by crossing with another Persian Cat, the Persian Cat.

Although it is thought that its popularity ended after the discovery of the Iranian Cat in the 20th century, it is still a popular breed of cat. 

British Shorthair Features

Positive Features

It is a noble-looking and leader-spirited cat, which is appreciated by everyone with its appearance. They are intelligent, docile, they can stay alone at home, and there is no mischief in this loneliness process. It is preferable that the house is very good with other individuals and children. If you want to have a cute puppy in your home, it will make you happy to reach late maturity.

Although she looks like a lazy cat because she is calm, she is an actress and adapts to her owner.

There are not many fractures because their feathers are single-layered. Therefore, the need for hair care can be done less frequently.

They get along well with other animals.

Negative Features

A breed of cat that we cannot say suitable for its prices. Since they are prone to gingivitis, more care must be taken with teeth.

They can rarely get stressed out of indifference.

The ripening period is long, it can take as long as 3-5 years. If you do not have it for production purposes, this negative aspect may be an advantage for you.

They never enjoy the strangers and the heat coming home.

They absolutely do not like being cuddled and carried on the lap.


It is a strong and imposing cat. Cheeks are plump. It has a rounded and muscular body. It is medium-sized. The top area behind the ears is flat. Their ears are medium-sized and large, their ear tips are round. It has copper, amber green, and blue eye colors.

The British Shorthair cat, which has short and thick feathers, can be seen in many known (dark gray, light gray, white, black) colors and patterns of cats, although their feathers are soft and their colors are generally blue (gray). Their plumage is single-layer and therefore does not require frequent care. However, the fact that blue color was preferred too much caused the cat to be called British Blue.

It is a cat that reaches maturity late among the cat breeds. This maturity period can vary between 3-5 years.

We also want you to know that there is a very similar cat named Chartreux in an appearance on the world.


British Shorthair is a complex, patient, and quiet cat. This cat, which has a smiling face, has a very cute face. It is independent and leader-spirited. It is a species that does not like heat very much, and therefore they love air-conditioned environments. It is more common in the summer than they are depressed.

They are never aggressive towards this type of child, which is not a problem for families with children. When he wants to be loved, he comes to you and when he wants to be alone, he quietly retracts to the corner.

Strangers who come home do not like to stand on the lap and carry on a lap.


Hereditary has no health problems. In this breed, gingivitis and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy are frequently encountered. Problems such as eye discharge are encountered and eye diseases can be frequently encountered. They also have a predisposition to intestinal diseases.


It is enough to brush your hair once a week. A bathroom may rarely be required. Teeth should be brushed every day to avoid any problems. Weekly cutting of your nails, cleaning your eyes and ears with a cloth will be sufficient for maintenance. Cat litter should always be clean. Not going out too much will protect him from attacks and diseases.

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