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Black Cat (Bombay Cat Race)


For centuries, black cats have always been believed to bring bad luck. This superstition began when black cats were called witches in the Middle Ages. So much so that in some cultures, people believed that witches could transform themselves into black cats.

The race of black cats is referred to as the Bombay race. Bombay breed cats were first accepted as a cat breed in 1976 and registered. This cat breed has emerged as a mixture of the American Shorthair cat breed and the Burmese cat breed considered the ancestor of the Siamese cat breed. Black cats are also referred to by this name, likening them to the Melanistic African leopard with their attractive shiny feathers. Another distinctive feature of this cat breed from other cats is the brightness of its eyes.

General Features of Black Cats (Bombay Cat Breeds)

Bombay cats are generally closed and silent cats. Despite these features, they show interest in people at home, but still do not show their love very much. They are friendly towards their owners and they are emotional. Black cats are easy-to-care cat breeds because they are calm and they do not feel comfortable living with other animals. Therefore, it is among the ideal pets for families with children. Black cats are playful cats and they are especially good at catching games.

  Eyes of medium-sized and short-haired black cats have large almond-shaped eyes. Black cats also have a strong, flexible, elegant, and harmonious structure. Training of the Bombay cat breed is also quite easy. In fact, when they are trained, they can be worn outside with a cat leash. Black cats are social creatures and do not like to be alone. They have loving and calm personalities. They also have great self-confidence, but they don’t like to get involved in a fight. Surprisingly, Bombay cats are known to deal better with dogs rather than cats. Perhaps this is because the Bombay cat breed character structure is similar to dogs.

Caring for Black Cats (Bombay Cat Breed Care)

  Black cats don’t like loud sounds. Therefore, it is useful to put the cat food container, cat water container, cat house, and a cat bed in a quiet area of ​​the house. The reason why Bombay cats don’t like loud sounds is that their hearing is over-developed. So a sound that sounds normal to you can be annoying for them.

  Caring for Bombay cats is not much different in terms of other cat breeds. But their nutrition should be taken care of Because black cats are known for eating everything they find. Turkey’s No. 1 online pet shops brand sold in the world-famous petburada.com cat food to browse varieties can click dark place. Since black cats tend to overeat, they should not follow their diet and leave their cat food containers full of cat food all day. Prepare a cat nutrition program for your Bombay breed cat, as we recommend to other cat breeds. The quality cat food needed for them is a well-known brand and has low-fat content and high nutritional value. It is enough to comb the Bombay cats with a cat comb once a week to make their hairs and skins healthier.

How Long Does Black Cat Life? (How Much Does Bombay Cat Life?)

  The lifespan of well cared Bombay cats is between 15 and 19 years. As with any cat breed, there are several common cat diseases in the Bombay cat breed. Generally, these diseases are similar to those of cat diseases seen in Burmese cat breeds, which are accepted as their ancestors. For example, in Bombay cats, there is a discomfort that causes sleep integrity to be impaired, which is seen only in kittens Bombay cats, and euthanasia is considered appropriate. This disease is not encountered in adult Bombay cats.

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