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Bengal Cat


  Bengal cat breed is a wild-looking cat breed that was first bred in the United States. Contrary to their wild appearance, Bengal cats are a very docile, loving, and calm cat breed. This cat breed is among the recommended pets for families with children. Although the Bengal cat has a very long history, it has officially entered the international cat species as of 1997.

  Bengal cats are known for their strong, athletic, and solid body structures such as marble, almost like leopard skin. These strong cats are usually oversized. Bengal cats, consisting of 4 generations as cat breeds, are known to have the most docile characteristics with the F4 breed. Cat breeders make the Asian Leopard cat quite special by mating it with Abyssinian cat, Egyptian Maus cat, and British Shorthair breed cats.

Bengal Cat Personality

  Some Bengal cats may not like to be handled due to their personality traits due to their wild nature. Nevertheless, a Bengal cat who is accustomed to its owner is not afraid to show its tame side to its owner. It is even known that a poorly cared Bengal cat is in crisis. That’s why Bengal cats don’t like to be alone.

  Bengal cats, who are experts in fishing, like spending time with water, unlike many cats. So when your cat gets dirty, you can wash it without the hassle of using cat shampoo. But you need to know that Bengal cats are definitely not lapping cats. Bengal cats mostly like to spend time playing with cat toys. Click on the dark place to take a look at the cat toys.

Bengal Cat Skin

  Bengal cats are a kind of cat that attracts attention with their elegant, muscular, and athletic bodies. The most distinctive feature that makes them special is that they resemble a small leopard with magnificent leather structures. Bengal cat is generally seen in brown-spotted, black-flat, blue-eyed-spotted, silver-spotted, and blue-eyed-snow-spotted patterns. The average bodyweight of the Bengal cat ranges from 3 to 7 kilos. The reason they have wild looks is due to their stained feather structures, pointed jawlines, and precise looks.

Bengal Cat Care

  The Bengal cat is a type of cat that has very easy care with its short and thick hair. If you regularly comb your cat with a cat comb or cat brush weekly, you will find that their gorgeous leopard-looking skin is even healthier. Against mouth diseases, when you regularly care for your cat with a toothbrush, you prevent the formation of dental and gum diseases. All these treatments are also recommended by veterinarians.

  To keep the Bengal cats healthy and vigorous, make sure to take familiar brand cat food. Take care to keep your cat at the highest quality of life with cat food supplements regularly. As with all cats, it is important to remember that Bengal cats need to file their nails. If you do not want your seat, carpet or other household items to be scratched by your cat, it is necessary to obtain them from cat scratching.

How Long Does a Bengal Cat Live?

  Bengal cats live on average 12 to 16 years in proper nutrition, proper vaccination, and quality living standards. Bengal cats, which are known to be very resistant among cat breeds, can sometimes get various diseases. Conditions such as flat-chested kitten syndrome, patellar lux, hip dysplasia, pyruvate kinase deficiency are some of these diseases.

Bengal Cat and Kids

  The Bengal cat is a social cat by nature. Therefore, the crowd is among the cat breeds that are ideal home cats for families with children. Even Bengali cats are not recommended to be owned for families who have a busy work pace and who do not have time. Bengal cat’s favorite cat toys, which enjoy playing with children, include cat ball and cat mouse toy.

  The Bengal cat, which is also very strong in communication with other pets, makes very good friendships, especially with the dogs. The Bengal cat, which is not afraid of almost any cat or a dog breed, is known for its owners’ attitude and managerial identity. It is beneficial not to give up control in Bengal cats’ communication with other pets such as birds, hamsters, and rabbits because they have strong hunting skills.

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