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Bedlington terrier

  • Between Children – 7/10
  • Trainability – 7/10
  • Exercise Need – 8/10
  • Energy Level – 8/10
  • Acting – 8/10
  • Between Other Dogs – 2/10
  • Between Other Animals – 2/10
  • Protectionism – 6/10
  • Average Life Time – 6/10

Attracting attention with its unique appearance, Bedlington Terrier has been used to catch pests and small pests throughout history and continues to show up at the shows!


Developed in the northern regions of England, this breed is not known exactly where it comes from, what origins it has. According to some theories, Bedlington Terrier thought to have come to England while traveling in gypsy circuses, has been used in many subjects throughout history with different abilities.

Bedlington Terrier, which is used to capture mice, rats, and similar small animals, is also used for demonstrations. This race, which has an agile body, was also used in circuses thanks to its fast movement and easy learning.

The popularity of the Bedlington race is increasing day by day thanks to its sociality. Being both images and friendly are especially preferred by families with children.

Weight – Dimensions

There is not much weight difference between males and females. Bedlington Terrier, whose size varies between 41-43 centimeters on average, weighs 8-10 kilograms.

Average Life Time

The average life expectancy of this breed varies between 10-12 years.


On the trigger, with its energetic and intelligent structure, Bedlington Terrier dogs can be used both as home dogs and guard dogs. This breed, which always enjoys being the center of attention, enjoys being happy while entertaining people around. Bedlington Terrier, which can be quite aggressive towards other dogs, especially loves to chase down furry animals!

The character of the Bedlington Terrier breed is shaped especially during the puppyhood. Whatever style he was raised during his juvenile, he gained a suitable character. Especially used in circuses, Bedlington Terrier learns the numbers displayed in the show during offspring. Therefore, you should definitely pay attention to your dog’s training.

Bedlington Terrier, who learned sociality at a young age like every dog, also learns how to behave towards people in this period. For this reason, it is recommended to roam in parks and similar places where people are often found in their juveniles.


Although they are very cute, it is very troublesome to feed this breed. Being very active and being able to run very quickly compared to a dog makes it difficult to feed inside the house. Therefore, you should definitely take the necessary precautions in the garden you will feed.

Being smart makes their education easier. You can easily train with positive training methods.

Between Children

Thanks to their energy levels, Bedlington dogs, who are very good playmates to children, can live with children without any problems when properly treated.

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