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  • Between Children – 7/10
  • Trainability – 6/10
  • Exercise Need – 7/10
  • Energy Level – 7/10
  • Acting – 6/10
  • Between Other Dogs – 4/10
  • Between Other Animals – 1/10
  • Protectionism – 6/10
  • Average Life Time – 7/10

Basenji dogs, which spread all over the world from Africa, are both intelligent and very well tracked.


Basenji, one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, is also shown among the domesticated breeds for the first time all over the world. Being an extremely quiet and calm race makes them especially preferred by hunters.

Basenji dogs, which are thought to be related to wolves, are famous for barking only once and then silencing when they want to inform their owner about something.

Basenji race originated from Congo, has been used for hunting in many tribes in Africa since ancient times. Basenji, which is used not only for hunting but also for pest control in fields and warehouses, also manages to be a very good house dog.

Weight – Dimensions

This breed, with an average weight of 10 kilograms, can reach 43 centimeters of paint.

Average Life Time

The average lifespan of Basenji dogs varies between 12 and 14 years.


Basenji has a very free structure because it is a hunting dog. In parallel with this, their developing intelligence enables them to acquire a different character directly. Basenji, who has very strong observation ability, can follow objects on the move very well. Birds, rabbits, or cats can easily track and track any moving animal.

Basenji dogs, which have a different character, have an interesting feature such as not following the commands at once. When you give a command, he acts accordingly, thinking whether he really wants to execute this command. For this reason, it would be correct to call this race a bit of command.

This race, which needs to be very careful during their training, can become more stubborn against hard training. If you offend during training, there is a chance that you will never listen to your commands later.


Since it is a hunting dog, it is necessary to exercise daily. Also, if you feed it in the garden, you must make sure that you make your garden sheltered.

Basenji, a very agile breed, has the ability to jump even from high fences.

Between Children

This race can get along very well with children. It develops a special bond especially for the children with whom it grew up.

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