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Australian Terrier

  • Between Children – 8/10
  • Trainability – 8/10
  • Exercise Need – 7/10
  • Energy Level – 8/10
  • Acting – 7/10
  • Between Other Dogs – 3/10
  • Between Other Animals – 3/10
  • Protectionism – 8/10
  • Average Life Time – 7/10

The Australian Terrier breed, which is used for snake and reptile hunting, is also very skilled in tracing and guarding.


Although its origins are Australia, the ancestors of the Australian Terriers, whose ancestors came from England and Scotland, are much older. These dogs, which have been used for many years, are very successful in fighting snakes and pests.

These dogs, which can move with cat agility, were used in the fields to catch mice and snakes. Also, the Australian Terrier, which is used as a guard and guard dog despite its small size, has a different history.

This breed, especially used in gold mines in Australia, was a good solution to mice, snakes, and all other reptiles. However, the Australian Terrier, which is known for being very friendly to people working in harsh environments, started to spread all over the world in 1897.

Weight – Dimensions

Australian Terrier dogs can reach 6 kilograms of weight and 28 centimeters of paint.

Average Life Time

Australian Terrier dogs can live between 12 and 15 years.


Having an energetic character, the Australian Terrier loves to have fun and play games. These dogs, which have increased their endurance by being able to work in any environment throughout history, are a very good companion for people of all ages.

Despite being a mobile and energetic dog, Australian Terrier dogs, a suitable breed for feeding at home, are fond of playing games with children. Due to their character similar to cats, they tend to constantly follow people walking around and follow the movements they make.

Australian Terrier, who is easily bored with everything because of being a very smart dog, can give his owners a hard time. However, if you offer activities to these dogs, you can be sure that they will entertain you in the house.


The Australia Terrier race, which prefers to feed in the home rather than living in the garden or open environments due to the very good agreement with people, is very useful in protecting your pets at home, as it enjoys digging the soil.

It is recommended to take Australian Terrier dogs on long walks daily.

Between Children

Australian Terrier dogs, which can get along with children of all ages, are an ideal choice for families.

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