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Australian Mist

  • Between Children – 9/10
  • Intelligence – 5/10
  • Mobility – 3/10
  • Maintenance Need – 3/10
  • Acting – 4/10
  • Trainability – 5/10

Australian Mist will try to understand every move you make with its curious character.


The Australian Mist breed, which was not recognized as a cat breed until 1977, was able to be promoted by a surgeon who was a doctor in Australia because it did not have so many distinctive features. As a result of nine years of efforts, this cat breed, recognized by international communities, has a very large gene pool.

Starting with Abyssinian cats, containing 30 different cat species, Australian Mist is a truly mixed breed.

Size – Weight

Under normal circumstances, this cat breed has a weight ranging from 4 to 7 kilograms. The Australian Mist breed, with short hairs, does not grow much.


Australian Mist cats, which are especially suitable for living with small babies, can remain patient and calm in all matters because of their very gentle character. These very understanding cats are trying to make sense of them by examining every move you make.

Although she has a very active character during her offspring, Australian Mist cats, which have a calmer structure as they grow up like to be with people. This breed, which has the character of a full house cat, likes to love itself by embracing the people she has just met.

While the predator features are a vestigial cat breed, small animals such as insects and flies are of particular interest. Even if he’s not very active, seeing an insect circulating would be enough to get the Australian Mist moving.


Australian Mist does not require special care. It will be enough to comb it once every few weeks because of its short hair and less shedding. Apart from this, this cat breed, which does not require special attention, is quite suitable for working people.

Australian Mist, a tough cat breed, has no special health problems either. It is not easy to get sick, and education can also be provided in a leash.

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