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Angora Cat


  Angora cat is one of the most preferred cat breeds for feeding at home. Ankara cat attracts attention with its beauty and length. As the name suggests, it is the cat breed that appears in and around Ankara. The Ankara cat is known as the “Angora Cat” in Europe, it is considered the ancestor of long-haired cats. The Ankara cat, which is a pure Turkish cat, is sometimes confused with an Iranian cat.

Ankara Cat Skin

  Angora cat has long and shiny plumage. When they move, their long hairs flutter almost. The hair length of an Ankara cat can be of different lengths in various parts of its body, while the longest part is usually in the neck area. Although the Angora cat is known only in white, its different colors can also be seen. Their bodies are muscular and strong. The legs of this cat species are also long, their front legs are shorter than their hind legs. Its paws are small and round in Ankara cats as well as other cat species. The Ankara cat goes by examining its tails, and its eyes can be almond eyes and blue, yellow, green.

Angora Cat Character

  Ankara cat has a smart, energetic, and social structure. They are very dependent on their owners. The Ankara cat adopts the house in which he lives and sees himself as part of that house. This is true, when cats and their owners see each other as part of the family, they lead an even happier life. An Ankara cat enjoys playing with cat toys and spending time with the owner. It is an ideal pet for families with children. They are stubborn and Ankara cats are very insistent on having their owners do what they want. The Ankara cat is a commandment like all other cats. Angora cat, like a Persian cat, Van cats can be mixed with. What distinguishes the Ankara cat from the Van cat is that they are more active and acting. While the Van cat loves to play with water, the Ankara cat hates water.

Ankara Cat Care

  The immunity of the angora cat is quite strong and they do not get too much cat disease. However, deafness can be seen in the Ankara cat, which has two different eye colors. The deafness that can be seen in the Ankara cat can sometimes be seen genetically in one ear and sometimes in the double ear. Cleaning your ears is very important. You can click on the dark place to browse what cat ear cleaning products. Ears must be cleaned once a week.

How long is the life of an Ankara cat?

  The weight of the Ankara cat is between 2 and 4 kg. Their average life span is between 12 and 18 years. To prolong your cat’s life, it is useful to choose quality cat food. Also, you need to perform regular pool maintenance. Brushing the hair with a cat’s comb once a week prevents the hair from spilling around and makes it look healthier. The hair length of an Ankara cat reaches its full length when it reaches 2 years of age. Oral and dental care should be done regularly with a cat toothbrush to prevent gum and mouth diseases. Only cat outer brush and cat toothpaste should be used while doing this. Your cat’s nails are then regularly once or twice a week cat nail clippers you must cut it with. If you are afraid or afraid of cutting your cat’s nail, you can get professional help and take a nap to the veterinarian. 

Ankara Cat Nutrition

  Ankara cats can also be fed with cat food given to other cats. It is useful to determine the amount of cat food according to your cat’s age and weight. In fact, if your cat is under the age of 1, we recommend giving kittens food. In addition to dry cat food, you can also give wet food, wet food, or cat reward food.

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