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American shorthair

  • Between Children – 6/10
  • Intelligence – 7/10
  • Mobility – 4/10
  • Maintenance Need – 6/10
  • Acting – 3/10
  • Trainability – 5/10

American Shorthair, one of the oldest known species, is a type that always wants to be near you, although it does not like to be in a lap.


American Shorthair cats, one of the oldest known domestic cat species, with their history dating back to 1620, first appeared in England. This species, which was noticed during a cruise, was started to be used as a natural precaution against mice, especially thanks to its hunting skills.

It is possible to come across American Shorthair cats in many different civilizations from Spain to Vikings. Especially thanks to cruise, the species has spread widely around the world. American Shorthair has been considered a species since 1906.

Size – Weight

The weight of American Shorthair cats can range from 3 kilograms to 5.5 kilograms.


These cats, previously used for hunting, still maintain their hunting instincts. However, the American Shorthair race, which is now home to more domestic cats, continues to be in the spirit of their ancestors as soon as they see something like a bug, a mouse to hunt.

American Shorthair cats can be considered active even if they are not very mobile. This cat breed, which does not want much play or attention, also gets along well with other cats.

Thanks to these features, American Shorthair, a pet suitable for working people, is a bit timid towards guests. It is often seen that this breed of cat hides behind the seats if it meets people it does not know.

American Shorthair also does not like to be carried and cuddled. However, he enjoys being constantly near the owner.


Feathers of the American Shorthair breed can be easily combed. It is recommended to comb several times a week so that your hair can grow healthy. The thickness of its feathers can vary according to the season.

Another thing to note in these cats is that they love food. If they do not eat properly, they can gain weight very easily. Therefore, it is beneficial to give your foods in a controlled manner so that they can live healthily.

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