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American curl


They are considered as medium size. Their weight is in the range of 4 – 6 kilograms in males and this range in the females is 3 – 4 kilograms. They have broad shoulders. Their head structures are proportional to their bodies. Their noses are flat. They have large eyes that are proportional to their noses. Their eyes vary between green, blue, yellow, and hazel colors. In terms of fur properties, they are divided into two as long-haired and short-haired. Although the original colors are black, gray, smoke, shaded and white ones are also encountered. Its most characteristic features are its back-curved ears. They have bent ears with a 90-degree opening above their heads. It is the breed with the strongest hearing power of the cat world due to the structure of its ears.

It is a species known for being friendly. They try to communicate with everyone. They have good friendships, especially with children. They have a lively, vibrant structure. They love jumping. Therefore, their ability to easily open doors and windows in your home is remarkable. These moving and living structures continue as they age. Despite their movable structure, they can immediately bend to your lap when they are tired. They are sensitive to the love and attention showed to them. They like to show you their love by touching you. They are also called lap cats. They have intelligent and curious structures. They love to constantly watch you because of their interest in discovering new things. You will likely feel like you have a follower behind you during the day. Open to learning due to their curious structures and intelligence,

Where’s the American Curl Cat?

It is known to be a breed discovered by chance in California state of the USA in 1981. It has been understood by researches that the curved ear structures are formed by a completely natural, genetic mutation. In 1986 it was accepted as a different breed and its standards were determined.

How Long Does an American Curl Cat Live?

They have a healthy genetic structure due to their natural, genetic mutation. If they are maintained regularly, their lives will be in the range of 9-16 years.

Does the American Curl Cat Shed A Lot?

According to the fur structure, the long hairs are divided into “American Curl Longhair” and the short hairs are divided into “American Curl Shorthair”. The structure of its feathers is not suitable for mixing. For this reason, it will be sufficient to be screened once a week for both species. It has a low and moderate molting tendency. In hot seasons, they tend to molt more.

How to Care for an American Curl Cat?

In terms of hair care, there is no difference between long hairs and short hairs. It will be sufficient to perform hair care once a week. Dental and gum health is important for this type. Teeth should be brushed at least once a week. It is recommended to cut your nails in periods of 10-14 days, and wipe the eyes around with a dry cloth at least once a week. They rarely need a bathroom. Ear cleaning is important because of the structure of the ears. There is a possibility of cartilage fractures in their ears and infection in the ear canals. To prevent problems that may occur, the ears should be cleaned with dry cotton. For this reason, it is recommended to get support from a veterinarian especially in cleaning your ears. They have a  sensitivity to sandboxes, they want it to be clean. When they see it full, they don’t want to go. For this reason, it is recommended to keep it clean.

How long does an American Curl cat get pregnant?

A woman who has completed one year of age and whose necessary health checks have been made and her suitability has been determined, is ready for pregnancy. It has a pregnancy period of about 65 days.

How Many Puppies Can American Curl Cat Breed?

It can deliver up to 4 puppies at an average birth. Offspring are deaf and blind when they are firstborn. These senses will start to work in 10-12 days. The ears of the puppies, which are upright and flat at birth, will begin to curl after 16 weeks.

How to Feed an American Curl Cat?

Due to their mobile structure, dry cat food produced for cats of the high, medium, and large sizes will be suitable for feeding. It is a race that does not like to show that they are hungry. For this reason, their nutrition should be kept under control. Besides how much your cat eats, it will vary depending on size, age, structure, and metabolism. For this reason, it is recommended to create a nutrition plan under veterinarian control.

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