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American bobtail

  • Between Children – 6/10
  • Intelligence – 6/10
  • Mobility – 7/10
  • Maintenance Need – 6/10
  • Acting – 6/10
  • Trainability – 7/10

American Bobtail, who does not hesitate to travel, is an ideal type for those who have to travel frequently.


Of the round-tailed cats, which have a history of hundreds of years, the American Bobtail breed emerged as a result of the mating of the cat named Yodi, discovered in Arizona in the 1960s, with an unclear cat named Sanders. The American Bobtail, a hybrid breed, was started to be explored by the International Cat Association (TICA) in 1989 and was added to the literature as a new breed in 2002.

Size – Weight

American Bobtail cats have weights ranging from 3.5 kilograms to 5.8 kilograms. American Bobtail, which has a structure suitable for obesity, can gain weight in a short time if it is not fed properly.


American Bobtail, which is very affectionate, has the characteristic of a Golden Retriever dog. The cat, which is very energetic, always wants to be with its owner and attract attention. American Bobtail, who follows every person around him and wants to be with them all the time, is also loving to the guests who come home.

American Bobtail, who loves long trips and can get used to it, is a cat suitable for people who have to travel frequently. Moving or traveling situations do not cause any negativity on the cat, as it can get used to the environment it goes to very quickly.

American Bobtailler is pretty smart. Cats who like to play games and learn new tricks have a good time with everything around them.


As long as it is combed, it is enough to comb your American Bobtail cat several times a week, which does not need to be shortened. In the Spring and Autumn months, it is useful to comb the American Bobtail, which shed more than usual, more frequently during these periods.

It rarely requires a bath, as it is a clean cat. It is recommended to cut your nails every few weeks. Apart from that, it is important to keep your cat’s sandbox clean at all times. Since American Bobtail is a very meticulous cat, it is often uncomfortable with the dirty sandbox.

Relationship with Children and Other Animals

American Bobtail, a child-loving, and playful cat, especially enjoys spending time with young children. However, you should make sure that the children who spend time with the cat are not hung because of the sensitive tail.

American Bobtail, which can easily adapt to other cats living at home, also gets along well with dogs. However, it is useful to be slow and controlled when introducing other animals.

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