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American Bobtail


American Bobtail cats are fond of their owners, take care of people who care about them, they love to play. Not even in other cat breeds; It is known as rare cats that can be walked on a leash after a few training. Round-tailed American Bobtail cat with centuries-old history; It was first discovered in Arizona in the 1900s.

Features of american bobtail cats

Subject Headings

Arizona by the people ‘ Yo ‘ associated with the name of the cat, who lives in Arizona but still not clear that there is no such ‘ Sander ‘ as a result of mating with cats; The American Bobtail type has appeared.

American Bobtail cats, considered to be a crossbreed, were applied for the first breed in 1989 as a result of long-term studies conducted by the International Cat Society (TICA) .

American Bobtail cats, which could not be immediately species due to some deficiencies in their genes, were only added to the records as cat species in 2002.

They are clever cats, such cats love toys like puzzles, catch games, and prize games. They are not very talkative like most cats, but rather calm.

Since they are a very harmonious cat, traveling with you will also adapt very comfortably to you. It is the cat that most families prefer because they have a harmonious and gentle character.

American Bobtail Features – Body Structure

Character: Waste, Clever, Cute 
Feather Structure: Long Hair
Body: Coarse
Fur: Soft
Tail: Short, Very hairy like a brush.

Between Kids – 7/10
Intelligence – 5/10
Mobility – 4/10
Maintenance Need – 6/10
Acting – 7/10
Trainability – 7/10

What Is The American Bobtail Cat With Kids?

American Bobtail cats are cats that do not get along very well with children and cannot be said to get along. The relationship score with the children we gave for the American Bobtail cat is 10/5.

Is American Bobtail Intelligent? 

American Bobtail cats are very clever, playful, and most importantly cat types that can understand the feelings of the owner and give the owner peace of mind.

Is the American Bobtail Animated Cat?

American Bobtail cats are very energetic, capable of spending time with you without getting tired and bored for hours.

American bobtail cats, who constantly follow people around and try to establish a social connection with them, are very loving and active.

Can American Bobtail be Trained?

American Bobtail cats are cats that can understand and understand many commands with their intelligence and more importantly, they can be trained. It is known as rare cats that can be carried around on a leash even after a few training. 

American Bobtail Care Needs

American Bobtail Cats will be enough if you regularly comb your American bobtail cat, which needs less care than other species, several times a week.

Since it is a meticulous cat type that takes care of itself, there is little need for a bath.

Especially gum diseases cause great problems in cats. Do not forget to clean your teeth at least once a week to prevent this disease!

We recommend that you cut your nails and clean the eye bags every two weeks on average.

You should check your cat’s ears every 3 days, if soiled, clean them with the help of cotton.

NOTE! Absolutely avoid using a swab; Using a swab when cleaning cats’ ears can cause permanent damage.

You should clean your cat’s toilet bowl and sand regularly every day, if you do not offer him a hygienic toilet, he can wash your house to different parts of your home.

American Bobtail Acting

We mentioned above that the American Bobtail cat is very clever, American Bobtailler, who is directly proportional to his acting, is extremely playful.

With their never-ending energies, Bobtail cats can play for hours with their surrounding owners.

American Bobtail Care

The hair of the American Bobtail breed should be combed once or twice a week. It will be better to bring it to the hairdresser as they will shed a lot of hair during the Spring and Autumn. Bathing may therefore be necessary in more rare cases.

The sand container should be cleaned daily, do not hinder providing a hygienic toilet.

American Bobtail Features

  • It has a wild appearance with a strong body with a short tail, tasseled paw, and ears. However, they are quite calm and domestic cats.
  • American Bobtail is a slow-growing, slow-developing breed and needs 3 years to become a big cat. 
  • American Bobtail is a breed known for its tail. The length of their tails varies between 3 cm and 10 cm. The tail of the American Bobtail is flexible and impressive. 
  • American Bobtails have double fur, the lower hairs are soft and the upper hairs are hard. 

Are there any American Bobtail Health Problems?

Genetic and various diseases are often found in purebred and crushed cats, and there is a predisposition. However, no such finding was found in the American bobtail breed and was generally recorded as a healthy cat species.

American Bobtail and Family

It is a social and peaceful breed, it is also playful and gentle, so it is definitely a good choice for families with children.

However, you should be careful not to let your kids pull the cat’s hair and stress it.

American Bobtail cats who manage to get along with other cat breeds can make friends with dogs that are generally good with cats.

The important point here is that you should gradually accustom to other animals instead of communicating immediately.

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