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Albino Budgerigar


  Albino budgerigars, just like other budgerigars, are one of the species that have good communication with people and enjoy having the same environment with people. As its name suggests, its colors are white and close to white. Although the eye color of the Albino budgerigar differs from each other, it is generally red. So much so that it is called rabbit bird variety by some people.

Albino Bird

  90% of this bird species worldwide is the female Albino Budgerigar. It is not known exactly why the male Albino Budgerigar is less. Also, gender discrimination is not easy in these bird species. It is possible to learn their sex with DNA testing, but since this is very costly, most bird owners do not need to learn the sex of the Albino bird. However, some methods are thought to work as a distinctive feature. It is said that the nose of the bird is pink and pale, and the gender is male and the dark color is the female Albino bird.

  When the Albino bird is viewed under bright light, its wing feather color can be blue, light blue, and light green. These features are one of their most prominent and attractive features. However, due to the genes they possess, they are less susceptible to skin diseases in birds compared to other budgerigars.

Care for the Albino Budgerigar

  The care and feeding of the Albino bird are almost the same as other budgies. Nevertheless, it will be beneficial for your pet to give more feeds that are a mixture of budgies. If you own a new bird, it is useful to give him time to get used to you and your home. After a few days or a week, you can choose the right place for your cage and put it in a room where you are often. Thus, he gets used to the voice of you and other members of your family and feels himself in a more peaceful environment.

  The feeds given to the young Albino Budgerigars should be soaked and made it easy to digest. If reproduction is desired in this bird species, it should be spread over a larger area. Albino birds do not like narrow spaces. The cage sizes of albino budgies should be larger than other budgies.

  If you wait immobile with a little bit that you will receive, it will come to you. What you need to pay attention to here is that you should be patient and never give up.

White Budgerigar

  Albino birds are also called white budgies because of their color. The interaction of the white budgerigar with people is very good. We do not recommend that white lovebirds who do not like to be left alone stay alone at home. Otherwise, they feel depressed, get stressed, and start to molt.

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