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  • Between Children – 2/10
  • Acting – 8/10
  • Trainability – 6/10
  • Exercise Need – 8/10
  • Energy Level – 8/10
  • Protectionism – 8/10
  • Between Other Dogs – 6/10
  • Between Other Animals – 6/10
  • Average Life Time – 7/10

Thanks to its hypoallergenic hairs, the Affenpinscher breed, which can also be fed by people who are allergic to dogs, dates back to the 15th century.


The birth date of the Affenpinscher breed is considered to be the 17th century. It is thought that the origins of this race, which started to be known with very clear findings, dates back to the 15th century. It is possible to find Affenpinscher dogs in many paintings and ancient literary works.

This dog breed, originating in Germany, was bred specifically for hunting mice. Affenpinscher dogs, which were frequently used in fields and warehouses, became popular with the nobles of the time and became a dog breed that was especially owned by women.

Weight – Dimensions

Affenpinscher dogs weigh between 3 and 4 kilograms. Their length reaches 30 centimeters.


This breed lives on average between 12 and 14 years.


Affenpinscher race, which has a very curious character, is known for being always on alert. Always loyal to its owners and the people who are with it, this race will do everything it takes to protect its owner from danger.

As you walk around the street, you can witness the barking of much larger dogs than yourself with the instinct to protect its owner.

As with any dog, education from a young age is very important in the Affenpinscher breed. As long as he is accustomed to different voices, people, and animals, he can develop a healthy and friendly character. It is recommended to regularly walk around crowded parks or socialize with other dogs in dog parks to accustom your dog to people.


Affenpinscher dogs are suitable for feeding in the apartment. This race that barks little and random will not cause much disturbance to your neighbors.

When feeding in the apartment, you must make sure that you get enough exercise.

Due to its small size, it is beneficial to feed the Affenpinscher breed, which is not safe to roam freely, at all times behind fences, where it cannot go out of the house or out of the garden. Since he is fearless of dogs that are much bigger than himself, his free movement can cause bad consequences.

Relationship with Children

The affenpinscher breed does not like aggressive and sudden movements at all. It is not a suitable choice for families with young children, as they can be aggressive after pursuit, on a lap, and similar behavior.

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