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Abyssinian Cat


  Abyssinian cats are among the most popular cat breeds with their appearance and character. This cat breed, also called the Abyssinian cat, is now recognized in our country. The highly intelligent and energetic Abyssinian cat are those who are fond of the throat.

The Origin of Abyssinian Cat

  Abyssinian cat is a cat breed that appeared in England. An English soldier serving in North Africa in the 19th century is believed to have owned aboriginal kittens from local vendors and later took them to England. In other words, Abyssinian cats are of African origin and spread to the world from England. In 1919, the Abyssinian cat breed, the Abyssinian cat breed, was officially recorded.

  As a result of genetic researches conducted in 2008, it was revealed that the Abyssinian cat carries some common genes with both Southeast Asian, Western breeds, and European breeds.

Physical Characteristics of Abyssinian Cat

  The Abyssinian cats, which draw attention with their physical features, have a triangular shape and their ears are larger than other cats. His eyes are big and apart. The most well-known characteristic of the Abyssinian cat, which is also called the Abyssinian cat, is the lines under his eyes. These lines add a seriously different look to their Abyssinian cats. Eye colors can be green or golden yellow.

Dimensions of Abyssinian Cat

  Abyssinian cats are medium-sized cats. They reach a maximum of 4.5 to 5 kilos. Their body structures are muscular, their legs are thin and their paws are small. In other words, they have a delicate structure in their appearance. The plumage of the Abyssinian cat breed is of medium length and fairly frequent. The color of their feathers can be bluish, red, or brown. Some have light lines and some have dark lines.

How Long is the Life of the Abyssinian Cat Breed?

  We can say that the Abyssinian cats have a long life because of their strong characteristics from different breeds. It is seen that these cats, whose average life span is 9 to 15 years, live 20 years comfortably if taken good care.

Genetic Diseases in Abyssinian Cat Breeds

  Like almost all cat breeds, the Abyssinian cat breed has a genetic predisposition to diseases. If you want to own an Abyssinian cat too, you should be aware of these cat diseases so that you can both take some precautions to prevent and have an idea of ​​the diseases that may occur. Here are cat diseases in which Abyssinian cats are prone;

  • Periodontal (Gum diseases)
  • Hyperesthesia (Neurological disease)
  • Knee cap dislocation
  • Degenerative eye disease
  • Kidney failure

The character of Abyssinian Cat

  Abyssinian cats are quite intelligent. It is one of the cat breeds that can learn toilet training easily. This race, which can establish good relations with other creatures, also gets along well with children. Abyssinian cat is fond of his family, friendly and playful. With these excellent features, Abyssinian cats are perfect home cats.

Caring for Abyssinian Cat

  Abyssinian cats, also called Abyssinian cats, are easy to maintain. Once a week, it is enough to collect cat combs and dead hairs.

  For dental care, you can use a cat toothbrush or toothbrush sticks that you can put on your fingers.

  Do not forget to regularly check your pet’s ears, if their ears are dirty, we recommend that you contact a veterinarian. It may be frightening, uncomfortable for your cat to try to clean it with your ear stick.

  As for the feeding of an Abyssinian cats, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian for professional help, given the predisposition of this breed to genetic kidney disease.

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