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Abyssinian, also known as Abyssinian cat, is one of the oldest breeds. It is possible to come across many rumors about both their backgrounds and origins. They have a thick and long tail. Their heads are triangular and remain small compared to their stems. His eyes, which can be bright and big green and yellow, are very impressive. Body lines are elegant and classify in medium size. The paws have a small and oval structure. Its dense, soft, and short hairs can have red, light brown, and reddish-brown colors. Ears are upright and triangular in shape. Its appearance is reminiscent of the North African wild cat. It is known that they can climb and jump much higher compared to many other races.

Although it has a wild air with its appearance, it is possible to say that it is a completely domestic cat. It establishes a very close relationship with family members and embraces them. He adopts only one of his people as his favorite. Still, he should not be expected to stand for a long time on the lap. His ability to observe is incredibly developed, he loves to observe human behavior. It needs to be mentally as well as physical. Since he is very clever, he can also give positive answers to education. It should not be forgotten that, like every living thing, it needs attention and love. To make him happy, playing the game would be a very good choice. They can perceive everything like games and use all their creativity and objects instead of toys. It has to be included in family activities, so it can see itself as part of the family.

Where’s Abyssinian Cat?

Although it is said that its roots date back to Ancient Egypt, this discourse does not reflect the truth. He thinks that his country of origin is Abyssinia, which is Ethiopia. Again, this information is not precise. As a result of genetic studies, data were obtained that the breed came from Southeast Asia. They were first seen in a show at the Crystal Palace building in 1871. They reached the United States in the 1900s. It started to be produced in these lands after the 1930s. Today it is one of the most popular breeds in the USA. Recognized by CFA.

How Long Does the Abyssinian Cat Live?

It is not a race with a lot of genetic diversity. It is mostly quite healthy. They are prone to dental and gum diseases. It may also have problems that reduce kidney function and prevent the kidneys from working optimally. The average lifespan is 9 to 15 years. This period may vary depending on how they are cared for, how they are fed, whether they are psychologically healthy and their activity levels.

Does the Abyssinian Cat Shed A Lot?

They shed little and moderately. Its feathers are structurally dense. Brushing and combing 2-3 times a week will be enough to get rid of dead hair and dead skin. This process also provides the distribution of skin oils. If they are accustomed to their offspring, they can bathe occasionally.

How to Abyssinian Care?

It is not one of the breeds allowed or recommended to go out. As part of their care, routines of cutting their nails regularly, cleaning their ears, and brushing their teeth should not be disrupted. Apart from body treatments, toilets should be cleaned daily. The meticulousness curiosity of this breed is quite high, and sand cleaning is a very important requirement for its health.

How Long Will The Abyssinian Cat Get Pregnant?

Pregnancy periods are completed on average in 65 days. The first sign of their pregnancy is the darkening of the breasts. They may become quiet during this process, they may start to sleep more than ever, and they may not appear for longer periods. Their bellies begin to become apparent after 3-4 weeks of pregnancy, depending on the number of offspring.

How Many Puppies Can Abyssinian Cat Breed?

Although the average number of offspring is specified as 4, they can bring between 2 and 8 puppies at once. As soon as the babies are born, they are cleaned by their mothers and begin to suck. Although initially in need of help, they are carefully raised by their mother. After 3 weeks they begin to move slowly. They can run when they are 1 month old and play more games among themselves. It is not recommended to be taken away from their mothers and ownership without a minimum of 10 weeks.

How should Abyssinian be fed?

It is recommended to feed with dry foods containing high-quality protein and formulated for development processes. Homemade food can pose a risk to their health. In addition to dry food, taste requirements can also be met with wet foods. Their water should always be kept fresh and renewed every day.

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