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The stereotype that cats bite to attack is completely false. Some cats want to show their affection by biting, others just bite to play. It is normal to feel uncomfortable with these bites. However, it is up to you to reduce these bites. If you immediately...
This is the story of the down syndrome cat Monty, who made him famous on social media, born with a unique face because of the abnormality in his chromosomes. This kitty lives happily in Denmark with her owners Michael Bjorn and Mikala Klein and two other cats. In this article, we...

Cats don't like dogs. Dogs are team members who want to make their 'leaders' (you) happy. Your kitten will show more interest in your own happiness! However, with some understanding and patience,.

Why Cats Sneeze It is normal for our cats to sneeze from time to time, which is a great source of joy in our homes, and you do not need to go into an alarm state. Just as in humans, an irritation in the nose in cats...

  The number of those who feed parrots in our country is increasing day by day. One of the most fed of these parrot species is the Jako parrot. Jako parrots are.

  Jumbo budgie parakeet species that are among the most appropriated in Turkey. Although its name is called jumbo in our country, it is known as show budgerigar in other countries. The.

  Albino budgerigars, just like other budgerigars, are one of the species that have good communication with people and enjoy having the same environment with people. As its name suggests, its colors are white and close to white. Although the eye color of the Albino budgerigar differs from...
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